Administrative Burden Baseline: Update 2016

The Administrative Burden Baseline provides Canadians with a clear metric on the total number of requirements in federal regulations and associated forms that impose administrative burden on business. This baseline contributes to the openness and transparency of the federal regulatory system.

All federal regulations administered by the Canada Border Services Agency that have requirements that impose administrative burden on business are identified below. The total 2016 count is 1473. The total June 30, 2014 baseline count is 1426.

In 2016, the Canada Border Services Agency amended several regulations to support the implementation of Interactive Advance Passenger Information (IAPI). The IAPI initiative will contribute to preventing prescribed persons and improperly documented foreign nationals from reaching Canadian ports of entry by air, thereby protecting the integrity of Canada's immigration program and enhancing public safety and national security. This aligns Canada's border management approach and practices with those increasingly used internationally. The addition of information obligations to the Passenger Information (Customs) Regulations (SOR/2003-219) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (SOR/2002-227) resulted in a net increase in the count of requirements from 1470 in 2015 to 1473 in 2016.

Title of the regulation SOR Number 2016 Count
Accounting for Imported Goods and Payment of Duties Regulations 86-1062 404
Canadian Manufactured Goods Exported Drawback Regulations 78-373 7
Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations 86-1067 39
Customs Sufferance Warehouses Regulations 86-1065 33
Direct Shipment of Goods Regulations 86-876 1
Duty Free Shop Regulations 86-1072 230
Exporters’ and Producers’ Records Regulations 97-71 13
Free Trade Agreement Advance Rulings Regulations 97-72 1
Goods Imported and Exported Drawback Regulations C.R.C., c. 489 3
Imported Goods Records Regulations 86-1011 44
New Motor Vehicles Exported Drawback Regulations 82-710 9
Passenger Information (Customs) Regulations 2003-219 20
Persons Authorized to Account for Casual Goods Regulations 95-418 8
Proof of Origin of Imported Goods Regulations 98-52 168
Refund of Duties Regulations 98-48 52
Reporting of Exported Goods Regulations 2005-23 10
Reporting of Imported Goods Regulations 86-873 160
Tariff Classification Advance Rulings Regulations 2005-256 1
Tariff Item Nos. 9971.00.00 and 9992.00.00 Accounting Regulations 98-47 3
Transportation of Goods Regulations 86-1064 46
Customs Bonded Warehouses Regulations 96-46 147
Customs Drawback Shirting Fabrics Regulations C.R.C., c. 487 29
Duties Relief Regulations 96-44 2
Exported Motor Vehicles Drawback Regulations 96-34 2
Goods Imported and Exported Refund and Drawback Regulations 96-42 1
Goods Imported by Designated Foreign Countries, Military Service Agencies and Institutions (Tariff Item No. 9810.00.00) Regulations 98-57 14
Refund of Duties on Obsolete or Surplus Goods Regulations 98-56 2
Temporary Importation (Excise Levies and Additional Duties) Regulations 89-427 2
Used Mattress Materials Regulations C.R.C., c. 549 1
Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations 2002-227 21
Total count 1473

Previous years' counts for the Canada Border Services Agency are available upon request.


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