Top 10 Travel Tips

Video Length: 2 minutes 54 seconds
Added: December 19, 2013

This video contains 10 travel tips for Canadians returning into Canada for a faster and stress-free border crossing experience. From knowing your personal exemptions to ensuring you have the proper documentation, Canada Border Services Agency and its officers have outlined ten of the most common requirements for you to follow.


For a smoother return to Canada, some tips.

At number 10 – Have all required documentation prior to travelling with your pets. Dogs and cats three months of age or older must be vaccinated against rabies.  Bring a signed vet's certificate. If under three months, bring proof of age.

Declare all food, plant and animal products. Check your I Declare brochure.

If you're travelling with kids under 16, be ready with their passport or NEXUS card. If they're not your kids, have a letter of permission from legal guardians and contact information.

You must declare any firearms or weapons you're carrying. If not, they could be taken and criminal charges might be laid.

Declare all money or currency equal to or over CAN$10,000 in total.

Know your personal exemption limits for bringing back alcohol and tobacco. 24 beers, 1.5 L of wine, OR 1.14 L of alcohol. 200 cigarettes AND 50 cigars – after being away for  a minimum of 48 hours.

Use the online Duty and Taxes Estimator if you're planning to make specific purchases like electronics.

Declare all your purchases and have your receipts ready. Away for 24 hours?  The duty-and-taxes-free limit is 200 dollars. Away for 48 hours or more? 800 dollars.  No exemptions for same day crossings.

We're almost there. Plan ahead and avoid peak travel times and busier ports of entry for crossing. You can check border wait times on Twitter and our web site.

And the number one travel tip: make sure you have proper identification – a passport, a NEXUS card or enhanced driver's licence. Welcome Home. Welcome back to Canada.

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