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Targeted control audit of temporary resident permits - Appendix E: Detailed audit criteria

Canada Border Services Agency

Given the preliminary findings from the planning phase, the following audit criteria were chosen:

Lines of enquiry Audit criteria
1. Compliance with TRP Policies and Procedures
  • 1.1 Required information, including officer justification for issuing a TRP, is documented in accordance with enforcement manuals.
  • 1.2 TRPs are issued by the appropriate designated official established by the IRCC Instrument of Designation and Delegation.
  • 1.3 The designated authority used for issuing TRPs is documented.
2. Adequacy of Policies, Training and Guidance
  • 2.1. TRP policies include requirements to support the assessment, decision-making and documentation for TRPs.
  • 2.2. TRPs are issued by superintendents and chiefs who have completed the required training to issue TRPs for IRPA inadmissibility sections A36(1) and A38.
  • 2.3. TRP training provides adequate guidance to officers on the assessment, decision making and documentation of TRPs.
  • 2.4. There are tools and/or guidance documents available to support officers in processing TRPs.
3. Management Oversight
  • 3.1 Management oversight is conducted regionally to ensure that TRPs are documented in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • 3.2 Compliance monitoring is conducted nationally to ensure consistent application of TRP policies and procedures when issuing a TRP.
4. Monitoring of Traveller Stay Compliance
  • 4.1 TRP holders' authorized stay period is consistently monitored.
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