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Targeted control audit of temporary resident permits: Conclusion

Canada Border Services Agency

79. The agency has established controls, including policies, procedures, training and other supplementary tools to support the issuance of temporary resident permits. However, more guidance is needed in assessing the risk associated with issuing temporary resident permits to support sound decision making.

80. TRPs in the last few years have been reviewed in multiple audits and non-compliance still persists, specifically with regard to the documentation of the justification for issuing TRPs. This non-compliance is further compounded by limited oversight, both regionally and nationally, and the inability to ensure that all requirements for issuing TRPs are being met.

81. Weaknesses within these controls will continue to contribute to non-compliance should they not be addressed. As a result, opportunities exist to:

82. Lastly, the agency should determine the risk and impacts of TRP holders who overstay, the extent to which monitoring is required and implement associated actions as required.

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