2017-18 Departmental Results Report - Canada Border Services Agency
Internal audits and evaluations

Internal audit engagements completed in 2017–18
Title of internal audit Completion date
Audit of Real Property Infrastructure Management June 2017
Audit of Operation Syrian Refugee – CBSA Security Screening June 2017
Audit of Classification August 2017
Audit of the Acquisition Card Program March 2018
Audit of Contracting and Procurement March 2018
Evaluations completed, or planned to be completed, in 2017–18
Title of evaluation Link to the CBSA’s Program Alignment Architecture Status on March 31, 2018 Deputy head approval date
Commercial Processing (Air Mode) 1.3.2 Air Mode Completed July 2017
Traveller Processing (Marine Mode) 1.3.4 Marine Mode Completed October 2017
Recourse 1.6 Recourse Completed August 2017
Arming Internal Services Completed March 2018
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