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Corporate jobs at the Canada Border Services Agency

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) offers a variety of challenging career opportunities, both at the border and behind the scenes.

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Enabling services

Do you have strong organizational and management skills? We're looking for people from a variety of professional backgrounds, but share a strategic perspective and passion for problem-solving.

Enabling services ensure that the organization runs effectively and efficiently so that our border management employees can focus on securing our borders. We provide solutions that help CBSA meet and surpass its operational and business goals.

Many career possibilities in various fields exists within the agency:

  • Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)
  • Audit and evaluation
  • Communications
  • Contracting and procurement
  • Corporate planning
  • Finance and resource management
  • Information Management (IM) and Information Technology (IT)
  • Human resources
  • Real property management
  • Recourse
  • Security

Strategic policy

Interested in advancing your career to the top levels of government? Maybe a career in strategic policy at the CBSA is right for you.

Strategic policy sets the direction for our operations to ensure safe, efficient and coordinated cross-border trade and travel. We are focused on developing innovative solutions to address emerging issues in border management.

Many career possibilities in various fields exists within the agency:

  • Cabinet and parliamentary affairs
  • Engagement and partnerships with national and international stakeholders
  • Policy research and planning
  • Strategic planning and organizational priorities

Science and technology

Looking for a job in science, technology or engineering? The Canada Border Services Agency offers careers in a variety of innovative and influential fields throughout the country.

Science and technology develops and implements ingenious solutions to secure and streamline the current and future border experience on the frontline an behind the scenes.

Many career possibilities in various fields exists within the agency:

  • Advanced analytics
  • Alcohol and tobacco characterization
  • Border technology development
  • Contraband drug analysis
  • Customs analysis
  • Detection technology field support
  • Detection science and engineering
  • Forensic document examination
  • Technological support and integration

Border management

Our mission is to ensure Canada's security and prosperity by managing the access of people and goods to and from Canada.

Border management develops and delivers national security and counter-terrorism programs and enforce traveller, commercial and trade laws and regulations, both domestic and international.

The people who work in border management are decisive individuals with strong information seeking skills and judgement.

Many career possibilities in various fields exists within the agency:

  • Detector dog handling
  • Intelligence
  • Targeting
  • Investigations
  • Security and facilitation of travellers and migrants
  • Border risk assessment
  • Big data analysis
  • Trade/commercial facilitation and compliance
  • Revenue collection
  • Canadian industry assistance
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