Testimonial of Edward Adamo, Border Service Officer

Testimonial of Edward Adamo, Border Service Officer


Border Services Officer Edward Adamo, Greater Toronto Area Region, on screen.

The most recent case I was involved in was regarding three siblings who were abducted by a parent and taken abroad.

This particular day they were being returned to Canada.

My partner and I were to meet the children at the plane and escort them through the airport.

Our primary goal was to create a rapport with them, so that they feel comfortable and safe and know that we're there for them.

Gave me a great sense of pride in what we do, that the feeling of satisfaction you feel, when you witness the moment that a parent is reunited with their children, is hard to beat.

Essentially, you're there for one of the most intimate profound moments in someone's life and in this case, it had a happy ending.

It seems like the public does not know how involved CBSA is in the recovery of children.

But it's important that they know we're much more than that.

We specialize in such cases and we receive training and dealing with minors, people at risk, as well as mental health first aid.

So, the public should know that if they or someone they know is in such a position, that we can be approached to provide assistance for them.

Text on screen: Our border services officers are always there to help. Do not hesitate to reach out to them should you need to.

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