Our Missing Children Educational Video - Video transcript

Our Missing Children Program Video


Stock video of a family playing a game on a handheld electronic console.

Stock video of a mother with baby sleeping. Stock video of a stranger with candy in hand tries to theft a child. Stock video of a child wandering alone on the street and looking around.

Narrator: As parents, our children are the most important people in our lives, who we strive to protect. But what if your child went missing? Would you know where to turn? Would your child know who they could trust to get help?

Images of the logo of the Our Missing Children’s program, RCMP patrol car, CBSA patrol car, Global Affairs Canada and the Department of Justice Canada logos.

Narrator: The Our Missing Children’s program is a partnership between the RCMP Canada Border Services Agency, Global Affairs Canada and the Department of Justice.

Stock video of Cyber Security Specialists Wearing Headset Work on Computer. Stock video of a police detective working on a crime. Photos of Border services officers with Children. Video of a Border services officer looking at vehicles. Photo of a Border services officer at an airport.

Text on screen: Border Services Officers play a vital role in bringing home missing children.

Narrator: The Canada Border Services Agency's involvement in missing children cases goes beyond recovering missing children or being vigilant when children cross the border. The Agency also assists other law enforcement agencies with missing children cases, and border services officers at ports of entry assist with the repatriation of Canadian nationals brought home from abroad. Every day, border services officers are on alert for missing children at ports of entry in all modes of travel across the country, and worldwide.

Stock video of passengers checking-in at airport, little kids handing passports to service agent.

Text on screen: Passport, Consent letter, Birth or citizen certificate.

Narrator: When travelling, always ensure you have documentation to prove custody of your child.

Stock video of a Teddy bear on bedroom floor as a man walks into the room. Stock video of a Policeman writing and interviewing a witness.

Text on screen: Keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour involving children.

Narrator: Any suspicious behaviour involving children could be vital in later helping the police. You could become a witness of an abduction at any time.

Video of a Border services officer at an airport. Stock video of a little girl with an orange headband looking for parents in a park.

Narrator: Border services officers are trained to identify signs of child abductions. Be aware of what to look out for and you could also help save a child’s life.

Stock video of a young man walking with a little girl. Stock video of a little boy playing on the beach. Stock video of a Little girl playing with snow.

Text on screen: seasonal trends: summer and Christmas vacations

Narrator: There are some common traits of abductors. And seasons when abductions are more likely to happen.

Stock video of a father and son holding hands and walking. Stock video of a girl sitting in an airplane, looking out the window. Stock video of an empty playground swing.

Text on screen: Parental Abduction, International, Third Person (Kidnapping)

Narrator: Children can be abducted by a parent or taken abroad, or they can be kidnapped.

Stock video of a girl running away from her father. Stock video of a little boy running away from home.

Text on screen: Abandoned vs Runaways.

Narrator: Missing children can also be abandoned or runaways. Whether a child runs away or is abandoned, their safety is our priority.

Stock video of a crying lost little girl rubbing eyes as sitting on bench.

Text on screen: Please call 9-1-1 immediately!

Narrator: You have a part to play. If you witness an abduction, or suspicious activity involving a child: please call 9-1-1 immediately!

Stock video of a young girl with crowd passing by.

Text on screen: Kids Help Phone, 1-800-668-6868 or text CONNECT at 686868.

For Indigenous Communities, please call the Hope for Wellness Help Line, 1-855-242-3310 or online hopeforwellness.ca

Narrator: If you are a child in need of help, please call or text the Kids Help Phone.

For Indigenous Communities, you can also call the Hope for Wellness Help Line or visit online.

Stock video of a woman hugging her son. Images of the logo of the Our Missing Children’s program.

Narrator: Together, let’s help bring our children home.

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