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Blue Water Bridge recovery video

In , at the Blue Water Bridge port of entry (POE), Border Services Officers (BSO) located an abducted child that had been reported missing in the United States since February.



Video of empty swings swinging back and forth

Video of child sitting on bench crying

Video of child walking alone

Video of woman hugging a child. Our Missing Children Program logo

Narrator: Each year on May 25, the Canada Border Services Agency acknowledges National Missing Children’s Day, honouring missing and abducted children while celebrating those who have been recovered.  Our Missing Children is a joint program between the CBSA, RCMP, Global Affairs Canada and the Department of Justice.

Videos of the Blue Water Bridge

Narrator: In early March, border services officers at the Blue Water Bridge port of entry in Point Edward, Ontario, encountered a situation which will be etched in their memories for years to come.

Video of vehicles at a primary inspection lane

Video of trucks at a primary inspection lane

Video of a car at a primary inspection lane

Video of a border services officer searching a vehicle

Narrator: Border services officers work in an environment where each day is different. There is no certainty to what will transpire, who will be seeking entry at a Canadian border point, or what type of actions must be taken.

Video of a border services officer standing near a line of vehicles

Video of a car at a primary inspection lane

Narrator: On this day, due to the diligence and stellar work of officers, a missing child from the United States was rescued and returned safely to authorities in America.

D. Morin, Border Services Officer on screen

D. Morin: Lors de l'inspection du véhicule, j'ai remarqué une pile de couvertures sur le siège arrière. J'ai découvert un enfant dissimulé sous les couvertures. À première vue, l'enfant ne semblait pas bouger. J'ai posé ma main sur l'épaule de l'enfant, puis il a commencé à parler et à poser des questions.

Translation: During the inspection of the vehicle, I noticed a pile of blankets in the back seat. Concealed under the blankets I discovered a child. At first appearance, the child did not appear to be moving. I placed my hand on the child’s shoulder and then they started talking and asking questions.

Video of person typing on a computer

Video of a missing person sign

Narrator: A team of officers worked together to piece together what was taking place. An open-source search of the child’s name, once it was obtained, showed that they had been reported missing in the United States.

W. Elliott, Superintendent on screen

W. Elliott: I’m so proud of our officers in how they handled this child abduction event. From start to finish, the child’s health and safety and well-being was our paramount priority. It’s heartbreaking to think of how this event could have ended if they had been able to make their way into the country. It’s just a nightmare scenario and I’m a parent of young children myself, but reuniting this child will most definitely be the most rewarding experience of my career.

Video of man and child walking

Narrator: The significance of this discovery is unmatched. For all those involved in this case, there was peace of mind and encouragement in the positive way the events concluded.

Image of USCBP vehicle

Narrator: The young child who endured this traumatic ordeal was safely transferred to the receiving police force, U. S. Customs and Border Protection.

Video of child running to a woman. Our Missing Children Program logo

Narrator: The Our Missing Children Program continues the diligent work of recovering all abducted children.

Text on screen: If you suspect a child needs help, call 911 immediately. Visit or contact for more information.

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