Certain Line Pipe 2
Dumping (South Korea)

Product Information

Product Definition

The subject goods are defined as:

Carbon and alloy steel line pipe originating in or exported from the Republic of Korea, welded or seamless, having a nominal outside diameter from 2.375 inches (60.3 mm) up to and including 24 inches (610 mm) (with all dimensions being plus or minus allowable tolerances contained in the applicable standards), including line pipe meeting or supplied to meet any one or several of API 5L, CSA Z245.1, ISO 3183, ASTM A333, ASTM A106, ASTM A53-B or their equivalents, in all grades, whether or not meeting specifications for other end uses (e.g. single-, dual-, or multiple-certified, for use in oil and gas or other applications), and regardless of end finish (plain ends, beveled ends, threaded ends, or threaded and coupled ends), surface finish (coated or uncoated), wall thickness, or length, excluding galvanized line pipe and excluding stainless steel line pipe (containing 10.5 percent or more by weight of chromium), and excluding goods covered by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal’s Finding in Inquiry No. NQ 2012-003.

For greater certainty, the product definition includes unfinished line pipe (including pipe that may or may not already be tested, inspected, and/or certified to line pipe specifications) originating in the Republic of Korea and imported for use in the production or finishing of line pipe meeting final specifications, including outside diameter, grade, wall-thickness, length, end finish, or surface finish; and non-prime and secondary pipes (“limited service products”).


The Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) excludes from its finding welded line pipe having nominal outside diameters from and including 18 inches to 24 inches (610 mm) (with all dimensions being plus or minus allowable tolerances contained in the applicable standards), regardless of grade and wall thickness, with a manganese content of no less than 16% by weight, for exclusive use in slurry, tailings, and pressure piping systems in oil sands projects, and marked “Not for CSA Z-662 Applications”. For greater certainty, use in a pipeline meeting CSA Z-662 is not permitted under this exclusion.

Investigation Information

The dates of the investigative proceedings and findings concerning this case are:

Action Date
Initiation of Investigation June 8, 2017
Preliminary Determination September 6, 2017
Final Determination December 5, 2017
Canadian International Trade Tribunal's Finding January 4, 2018
Initiation of Normal Value Review: Husteel Co., Ltd September 4, 2018
Conclusion of Normal Value Review: Husteel Co., Ltd September 10, 2019
Tariff Classification Numbers

Prior to January 1, 2019, the subject goods were usually classified under the following tariff classification numbers:

  • 7304.19.00.10
  • 7304.19.00.20
  • 7305.11.00.10
  • 7305.11.00.20
  • 7305.12.00.10
  • 7305.12.00.30
  • 7305.19.00.10
  • 7305.19.00.20
  • 7306.19.00.10
  • 7306.19.00.90

Beginning January 1, 2019, under the revised customs tariff schedule, subject goods are normally classified under the following tariff classification numbers:

  • 7304.19.00.11
  • 7304.19.00.12
  • 7304.19.00.21
  • 7304.19.00.22
  • 7305.11.00.12
  • 7305.11.00.13
  • 7305.11.00.14
  • 7305.11.00.15
  • 7305.12.00.12
  • 7305.12.00.13
  • 7305.12.00.14
  • 7305.12.00.15
  • 7305.19.00.12
  • 7305.19.00.13
  • 7305.19.00.14
  • 7305.19.00.15
  • 7306.19.00.10
  • 7306.19.00.90

Please note that these tariff classification numbers may apply to goods which are not subject to SIMA measures, may change because of amendments to the Departmental Consolidation of the Customs Tariff, or the subject goods may be imported under tariff classification numbers that are not listed. Refer to the product definition for the authoritative details regarding the subject goods.

For more information on the tariff classification numbers, please refer to the CBSA's Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System website.

Duty Liability
(Anti-dumping duties)

Country of Origin or Export: South Korea

Information regarding the normal values of subject goods should be obtained from the exporter. The following table identifies the exporters who currently have been issued normal values:

Country Exporter Cooperative Since Last Revised
South Korea Hyundai Corporation 2017-12 2018-01
Hyundai Steel Company 2017-12 2018-01
Nexteel Co. Ltd 2017-12 2018-01
SeAH Steel Corporation 2017-12 2019-08

For importations of subject goods for which the exporter has not been issued normal values, the anti-dumping duty is equal to 88.1% of the export price.

Disclosure of Normal Values

The liability for provisional anti-dumping duty results from the proceeding conducted under SIMA. For more information, please consult Memorandum D14-1-7, Assessment and Payment of Duties Under the Special Import Measures Act.

For information on duty assessment, refer to the Guide for self-assessing SIMA duties.

Information Required on Customs Documents

The import documentation should include the information listed below. Failure to provide this information may result in the application of penalties to the importer, pursuant to the Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS).

The import documentation should clearly indicate the following:

  • Confirmation whether the product is subject to SIMA duties
  • Name and address of producer/manufacturer
  • Location of plant/mill of production
  • Place from which direct shipment to Canada began
  • Name and address of vendor (if different from the producer)
  • Country of origin
  • Country of export
  • Canadian customer’s name and address
  • Canadian importer’s name and address (if different from the customer)
  • Full product description of the goods, including:
    • Product Type
    • Grade or Specification
    • Length
    • Length Description
    • Outside Diameter (O.D.)
    • Nominal Wall Thickness
    • End Finish
    • Coating/Surface Finish
    • Other Relevant Characteristics
  • Date of sale, date of shipment
  • Quantity (state unit of measure, e.g. kilograms, metric tonnes, etc.)
  • Unit selling price and total selling price to importer in Canada
  • Currency of settlement used (e.g. US$, CDN$, etc.)
  • Terms and conditions of sale (e.g. FOB, CIF, etc.)
  • All costs, expenses, and charges incurred by the exporter and vendor in the shipment of the subject goods to Canada (includes inland and ocean freight, insurance, duties, port and handling charges, etc.) and
  • The amount of any export taxes applicable to the goods
Appeal Decisions Relating to Subjectivity

Summaries of appeal decisions made by the CBSA respecting whether an imported good is subject to this measure in force can be found on the SIMA Appeals page.

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CBSA Reference Number(s)
  • LP2 2017 IN
CITT Reference Number(s)
  • PI-2017-001
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