Frequently Asked Questions about the Traveller Declaration Card (TDC)

What is a Traveller Declaration Card (TDC)?

A TDC is a Traveller Declaration Card. It is a fillable form that is available on the CBSA Web site for all Canadian residents who are members of one of the Trusted Traveller programs (TTP). These programs are: NEXUS, Free and Secure Trade (FAST), CANPASS Air and the Commercial Driver Registration Program (CDRP). The TDC allows Canadian residents entering Canada to declare goods purchased, and pay any applicable duties and taxes, through the credit card information provided on the form.

Since June 1, 2012, travellers are able to save a partially completed form on a computer or laptop. This allows users to fill out the majority of the fields on the form only once, rather than having to fill them out every time. Canadian residents are able to access the form at any point before or during travel, complete it by hand or electronically and sign the printed form.

Can anybody use the TDC form or do we need certain privileges?

Yes, all members of the above noted trusted traveller programs, who are residents of Canada, may use the TDC form. If you are already using TDCs in booklet format, you have already signed up for TDC privileges at the time of enrolment.

NEXUS, FAST, CANPASS Air or CDRP members choosing to use the TDC must agree to the terms and conditions of the program. These include allowing the CBSA to process their credit card for any applicable charges. By doing so, you have established TDC privileges for yourself as a trusted traveller program member.

Where on the CBSA Web site is the TDC available?

The TDC is conveniently available in a PDF fillable format here: E601 – Traveller Declaration Card to be Used by Canadian Residents to Declare Goods.

Where do I submit my completed TDC, once I have filled it in and printed it?

After completing the mandatory fields, you can print your TDC on your computer or any remote location where the Internet and a printer are available. Please note that you may also print a blank; however, you must complete the mandatory fields before submitting the TDC when crossing the border. At any point prior to entering Canada you must complete the remaining fields in writing (using a black pen) or electronically, listing the goods that have been purchased, received or otherwise acquired.

After completing the TDC, sign the printed form and deposit it in a secure TDC collection box. The boxes are conveniently located near the border services officers' booth at designated TTP lanes in the land mode. In the air mode the drop boxes are located near the NEXUS and CANPASS Air self-serve kiosks.

I still have a book of TDCs — should I still use them?

The online TDC is available on the CBSA Web site to provide additional benefit for the traveller. It is important to note that the booklet version of the TDC is gradually being phased out, and the online version will be the only way to obtain the form. That said, the TDC booklets are still valid and will continue to be processed in the regular manner.

I used to have to sign up to use TDCs at an enrolment centre. Do I still need to do that?

No, you no longer need to sign up to use the TDC if you download and print the TDC from the CBSA Web site or print a saved copy from your computer or laptop.

Does each person travelling need to complete a TDC?

Do I need to complete a TDC for my children?

Every individual who is making a declaration will be required to complete a separate TDC, including children. There is no "family" TDC available. However, parents may enter their credit card information on their child's TDC and sign their child's TDC credit card approval (section E) signature block to approve payment. The child or legal guardian must sign section F of their own TDC as claimants to be eligible for their exemptions.

Can TTP members use the TDC to report goods to an officer in a regular primary lane?

No. If you choose to use a regular lane, you must orally declare your goods.

Will the privacy of my personal information still be ensured as it was with the manual TDC?

The CBSA takes the utmost care to protect your personal information and will continue to respect TTP information within the mandate of the Privacy Act.

What if I disagree with the amount of duty charged to my credit card?

All members have the option of calling a Canadian Processing Centre at the following phone numbers if they would like to discuss a particular transaction appearing on their credit card bill:

Phone number Region Hours of operation
866-399-5887 Quebec and Atlantic residents Monday to Friday,
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST (except holidays)
800-842-7647 Ontario and United States residents Monday to Friday,
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST
866-496-3987 British Columbia, Alberta,
Saskatchewan and Manitoba residents
Monday to Friday,
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST

How will I be notified in the event that my credit card is rejected?

In the event that a member's credit card has expired or has insufficient funds to complete a transaction, the member will be contacted and alternate arrangements will be made to pay the owing duties and taxes.

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