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Targeted control audit of temporary resident permits - Appendix C: Risk assessment

Canada Border Services Agency

A preliminary risk assessment was conducted to identify, analyze, and evaluate the areas of highest risk, and prioritize the areas of focus for this targeted control audit. As a result, the following key risk areas were identified.

Summary of risks

  • Risk 1: The justifications for issuing TRPs may not be clearly documented as per policy and procedures.
  • Risk 2: Evidence may not be available to confirm whether TRPs are issued by the appropriate designated authority.
  • Risk 3: Oversight at the regional and national level may not be sufficient to ensure that TRPs are documented per policy requirements.
  • Risk 4: Policy and guidance material in place may not be sufficient to guide officers' decision making process and documenting TRP issuance.
  • Risk 5: TRP training may not be sufficient to support officers, including new and inexperienced officers, in completing TRPs as per policy requirements.
  • Risk 6: The monitoring mechanism in place may not be sufficient to determine the TRP holders' non-compliance with their authorized stay.
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