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Targeted control audit of temporary resident permits - Appendix B: Audit objective and scope

Canada Border Services Agency

Audit objective

To determine whether the agency consistently issued temporary resident permits in compliance with policies and standards and monitored the non-compliance of TRP holders' authorized stay.

Audit scope

The period under review was to . Within that time, the audit scope of work included:

  • The documented justifications of CBSA-issued TRPs in accordance with policies and procedures as well as the evidence of approval by the appropriate designated authority for issuing each TRP.
    • A review of a sample of TRPs issued in select regions and POEs between and . This period was selected because a revised ENF 4 manual was issued in .
  • The policies, procedures, training and tools available to support TRP processing. Given the CBSA's responsibility to maintain the ENF 4, any potential findings and/or recommendations related to this document will be directed to the CBSA and not the IRCC.
  • The oversight and compliance monitoring regimes of selected regions and POEs as well as the NHQ with regard to the documentation of officers' decisions.
  • Monitoring of TRP holders for non-compliance with their authorized stay.
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