EDI/Portal Clients
Software/Service Providers

The following are lists of third-party registered software and service providers for you to connect with CBSA's various EDI applications.

These lists contain only the type of connection and the contact information for each company. It is up to you, the purchaser, to ensure product, service and costs meet your requirements, including your language of choice (as some private companies offer service in different languages). Depending on the Software / Service Provider selected, further testing may be required. Testing requirements are determined and communicated during the review process.

The Canada Border Services Agency does not endorse any particular product and its responsibility is limited to making this information available to you. Any decision on products is yours and any agreement to purchase is strictly between the vendor and you. Where possible, clients are encouraged to use CBSA portal options (eManifest Portal, Trusted Trader Portal, Canadian Export Reporting System, CARM Client Portal) to submit their data, as these options are Web-based (free) and available in both official languages, English or French.

To be added to the list of registered Software/Service Providers or to update your company's information, contact the Technical Commercial Client Unit.

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