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How to add other users to your business account in CERS

In this video you will learn: How-to video for the commercial exporting community on how to add other users to a business account in the Canadian Export Reporting System (CERS).


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This video will show Account Owners how to add other users to their business account in the Canadian Export Reporting System or CERS.

Screenshots of the CERS portal.

To add users, you will need their last name, email address, and User Reference Number. The user can find their User Reference Number at the top right of the screen when logged into their CERS account.

Once you have these details, select the business account you want to grant access to.

Select User Access.

Then select Add User.

Enter the information and click Submit.

Then, click the User Role you want to assign to the user.

There are three different roles.

Account browser is for those who only need to view, but not edit, export documents, lookups and templates.

Account user, on the other hand, gives permission to create, edit or delete export documents, lookups and templates. Account users can also update business account information.

Proxy Account Owners have these privileges but can also view and edit user access. However, they can’t add or remove other Proxy Account Owners.

We recommend adding at least one proxy account owner to add new users when the account owner is unavailable.

None of these roles can edit or delete the Business Account. Only the account owner can do so.

Choose which role you wish to assign the user and click submit.

A box will appear to confirm that you have added the user. Click ok.

You will return to the User Access page and see that the new user is in the list. This user can now access the Business Account.

At any time, you can change the user’s role or remove them from the account. To do this, click on their last name. If you click remove, the user will no longer able to log into your business account.

If you click edit, you can change their role or suspend their access to the account.

In this video, you learned how to add a user to your business account, and you can repeat this process for any other users you want to add.

Thank you for watching!

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