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People of the CBSA: Hillari Luna's story

People of the CBSA: Hillari Luna's story


Hillari Luna on-screen.

Video of Hillari Luna, student border services officer, speaking outside at the entrance of Vancouver International Airport.

Hi, my name is Hillari Luna and I’m a Student Border Services Officer here at the Vancouver International Airport.

I work on the frontline with Border Services Officers.

Video of a supervisor talking to Hillari in a booth at the Primary Inspection Line.

I process people at the Primary Inspection Line and help facilitate their exit out of the Controlled Customs Hall.

I was 13 when I first moved to Canada.

Video of an airplane in the sky.

A passenger is aboard and looking out the window.

Video of a family and a border services officer walking through an airport.

The move from the US to Canada was very scary, but when I landed I was met with really great officers who made everything a little bit better for me. 

Video of an airport waiting area.

Video of Hillari giving directions to a traveller at the airport.

When I first started working as a student, I thought it was full circle, but it didn’t really become full circle until I landed my first immigrant here.

Video of a border services officer checking a traveller’s passport.

Video of Hillari smiling.

I do not think anyone can imagine what being a Student Border Services Officer is like because the experience is unique to every individual, but it is one of the best experiences you could go through.

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