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People of the CBSA: Jeryn Peters' story

People of the CBSA: Jeryn Peters' story


Jeryn Peters, Director, Intelligence and Enforcement

Images of Jeryn working in an office and interacting with colleagues.

My name is Jeryn Peters and currently I am the director for Intelligence & Enforcement Operations in the Prairie Region. I can’t stress enough how impressed I am on a daily basis to see everybody’s commitment to the work that they do and continuing their learning, educating the public, and just really doing our part to keep the country safe.

Twenty years has flown by so fast, and all of the different opportunities that I’ve had have helped me have a better understanding of how the Agency works together, so it’s been very rewarding.

Images from the 2019 Future Women in Law Enforcement workshop.

One of the most inspiring things that I have seen within the recent years is the Future Women in Law Enforcement event that’s taken place here in Winnipeg and Calgary, and the amazing women who have stepped up to organize that and just deliver it and engage with young women out there who are pursuing a career in law enforcement. It’s just amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come, and I expect that that will continue.

Images of Jeryn participating in camera interviews with the media.

In terms of just representing the Agency, it’s important to me that people hear our side of the story as well. I want the public to understand what CBSA does for them. We’re keeping our communities safe, and that’s important to me, and I think everybody that comes to the Agency, that’s why they join, right? That’s what they come here to do and so it’s really cool to just see the different ways that we accomplish that.

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