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People of the CBSA: Rachael Mosley's story

People of the CBSA: Rachael Mosley's story


Rachael Mosley (Manager at Marine Centre of Expertise) on screen

Rachael: My name is Rachael Mosley and I'm the manager of the Marine Centre of Expertise in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After I worked in North Portal, Saskatchewan, there was an interest call put out to see who would want to go to Prince Rupert, B.C.. When I got to Prince Rupert, my eyes were opened to what the marine mode is, and I fell in love with the marine mode. I ended up at the Marine Centre of Expertise after having been a marine officer in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, for two years. I came out here on assignment and immediately realized that teaching at the Marine Centre was even more interesting because it is a very innovative place. And so I started to realize that the science behind it was my passion for it.

The Marine Centre of Expertise is a national training facility. We provide training to Marine officers from across Canada. What we teach is a vessel rummage. It is the systematic rummage of a vessel from the very top of the superstructure, all the way down to the bottom in the engine room. Every instructor who comes through here has already worked in the marine mode for a significant portion of time and has rummaged a large amount of vessels.

I do have a Greyhound who comes in with me to the office. His name is Murphy, he's an eight-year-old greyhound who ran in Alabama for three years before I rescued him. So I worked with St John's Ambulance and I had him certified as a therapy dog. Murphy has a really unique way of being with people. It's so special to see how he actually sits with people and works with them, and I think that he offers a really interesting way of being with people, but also a sense of security to officers that are actually within the agency in the Atlantic region.

I found that when I joined the CBSA years ago that I was blown away by the possibilities. I think for any women who are interested in a career in law enforcement, it's to go for it. There are no barriers as long as you are willing to explore the knowledge that is available to you, and so I think that it's so fascinating to really see that all the opportunities are actually available at your fingertips when you join the CBSA.

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