Border Services Officers at work on the front line

The CBSA is recruiting border services officers. Our officers work together on the front line to protect Canada’s safety, security, and prosperity. This is a shorter version of the full-length recruitment video.

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Narrator: We're trained to read between the lines…

Female Border Services Officer (BSO) motioning to next person in line to come to counter.

Male BSO smiling and welcoming a traveller

Male BSO checking a traveller’s passport

Female BSO checking a traveller’s passport

BSO at booth examines a passport to verify the passenger

BSO guides a handcuffed individual to a holding cell while another BSO opens the cell door

Narrator: …to keep our borders safe…

Four BSOs in a boat approach a cargo ship with one BSO motioning to the ship to lower their ladder

Close up of a BSO’s legs and bolt cutter as two BSOs walk in the rain at a marine port

Narrator: …and to enforce law…

Male BSO using bolt cutters to break the lock on a marine container

Male BSO looks on in front of shipping container as another uses a reciprocating saw to remove a lock from a shipping container

Inside view of a shipping container as the door is opened

Narrator: …to ensure the free flow of people,

Time lapse view of travellers going through the Customs Hall of an international airport

Narrator: …and goods…

Aerial time lapse of trucks travelling through a border crossing at dusk

BSO searches luggage with a detector dog at a port of entry

Narrator: …with professionalism, integrity, and respect.

BSO rewards and praises a detector dog

Two BSOs walking through the arrivals area of an international airport

Female BSO places a jacket over shoulders of little girl

Two BSOs examine the exterior of vehicle at night

Narrator: Are you ready…for life on the front line?

Two BSOs in a warehouse use flashlights to examine the inside of a shipping container

Close up of female recruit firing at a target on the firing range at the CBSA College

A BSO walks with his energetic detector dog towards the sunlight

Aerial time lapse of vehicles travelling through a border crossing at dusk

Three BSOs talking and walking across primary inspection lines towards a building as the sun sets off camera

The following text appears on the screen:
Canada Border Services Agency

The following text appears on the screen:
© Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada.
represented by the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, 2016

The following appears on the screen:
Agency signature
CBSA Heraldic Badge
Canada Wordmark

Canada Wordmark appears.

Music fades

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