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Importing firearms or other weapons into Canada

Reminder of requirements for importing firearms and other weapons into Canada.



Detector dog handler Marie-Josée Moranville on screen. Detector dog Echo on screen. Text on screen: Marie-Josée, Echo, Narcotics and Firearms, Firearms Weapons Other devices, Restricted or Prohibited, Declare all firearms! Be aware and declare!

Marie-Josée: Hi, my name is Marie-Josée and I'm a dog handler for CBSA. I'm here today with my K-9 partner, Echo, which is trained to detect narcotics and firearms

Many travellers arrive at the border with firearms, weapons or other devices, not knowing that they are restricted or prohibited in Canada.

My dog Echo is trained to detect them. Make sure to always declare these items when you arrive in Canada, offenders may face criminal charges or penalties.

Be aware and declare.

CBSA website address on screen (

Canada wordmark on screen.

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