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Student border services officers (SBSO): Reasons to apply

Why students should apply to be a SBSO.



(Student border services officer Clarence on screen)

Hi, my name is Clarence and I'm a student border services officer at the CBSA.

(Packages moving on a conveyor belt, with a BSO watching in the background)

Being able to see the 'behind the scenes' is definitely an eye-opening experience.

(A button controlling the conveyor is being pushed, with the packages moving in the background)

Students who are passionate about ensuring

(BSO scanning a package, then putting the scanner down)

Canada's safety should consider becoming an SBSO.

(BSO opening a package with a box cutter)

The best part of my job is identifying

(BSO removing a box from the package)

suspected contraband in the mail. Protecting our border

(BSO taping package shut)

by keeping drugs and weapons off the streets is really rewarding.

(Border services officer Clarence on screen)

Join me and apply today to become a Student Border Services Officer!

(Canada wordmark appears)

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