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CARM Client Portal

A modern business tool for Canada's importing community

Online self-service

Simplified importing process

CARM Release 1

CBSA clients will be able to:

  • Create and manage their accounts on the CARM Client Portal
  • Classify goods and estimate duties and taxes
  • Make secure payments online via the portal
  • Delegate access to their service providers
  • Submit rulings requests and track their progress

CARM Release 2

Additional features:

  • Register for a business number and enroll in CBSA programs
  • Obtain statements of account in real time
  • Submit a commercial accounting declaration, which will replace today's custom coding (B3) and adjustment request (B2) forms
  • Submit appeals and track their progress

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What you can do to be ready:

  • Check the CBSA Website for the latest updates
  • Contact us if you have questions

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