Commercial Driver Registration Program
CDRP Driver Responsibilities

As an approved CDRP participant, you must:

When you are using the CSA clearance process for a CSA approved carrier, you must present your photo registration card to the CBSA officer.

You may only have other registered drivers in your vehicle who have their own photo registration cards with them.

Restrictions on personal goods that can be imported by a registered driver

All drivers can import goods for their own personal use. Residents of the United States must return to the United States with all goods not consumed while in Canada.

All drivers must adhere to the following restrictions:

Are there penalties for non-compliance?

Your acceptance in the CDRP is a privilege. The CBSA will periodically review your application and occasionally examine your vehicle to ensure you are complying with CDRP requirements, as well as customs and immigration legislation. The CBSA will strictly enforce the law.

Penalties for non-compliance may include the following:

Consult the Reasons for Cancellation page for more details.

For more information please select membership suspension and cancellation.

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