NEXUS eGate, or the NEXUS electronic gate, allows Canada-bound NEXUS lane privileges to be extended during off-peak hours.

An eGate consists of the following modifications to the NEXUS lane:

To use eGate:

Visit NEXUS Land for more information on other requirements.

Fort Erie pilot project

To test eGate at a high volume port of entry, a pilot was conducted at Peace Bridge, in Fort Erie, Ontario, for a period of one year, starting in May 2014. Although the pilot is now completed, NEXUS eGate remains available at that location, and extends NEXUS hours of service to allow 24/7 access.

eGate at other locations

The CBSA is currently reviewing the results of the pilot project in order to develop recommendations for a way forward. Installation of NEXUS eGate technology at other ports of entry will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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