Electronic Monitoring

Who (May be Eligible)


The EM monitoring system is built upon real-time location data collected and analysed in a central facility and reported to regional staff to pursue for enforcement as appropriate. The Agency has partnered with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) to deliver the technology, using the systems and resources already available through CSC. EM can be ordered under sections 44, 56, and 58 of the Act. Electronic Monitoring can offer a high level of risk offset, however it is intended only for select high risk clients, and should not be used alone as a single condition. EM may offset risk involving program integrity, when clients are unlikely to appear, and when clients may be a danger to the public. EM may also be appropriate for cases involving identity concerns or when clients are non-cooperative if risk can be mitigated when coupled with other programming. Officer discretion is applied on case by case instance.


Available to those individuals who reside in the GTAR, including Toronto, Peel Region, Halton Region, Durham Region and York Region


To eliminate the tiered, self-pay system currently being utilized within the GTAR by individuals released by the IRB. To provide a release option for compliant higher risk individuals who can be managed in the community through ongoing monitoring paired with Community Case Management and Supervision programming. An evaluation will be undertaken at the end of the pilot to determine its applicability in an immigration context.


The EM program is available in the GTAR as of June 22, 2018.


Once an individual has had an EM condition imposed by the IRB or CBSA, the enrollment process will be initiated by Regional CBSA staff. Enrolling in EM takes two steps, installation of the ankle monitor on the individual, and installation of the Radio Frequency (RF) modem in the individual’s residence. The installation takes approximately 60 minutes and is done by a CBSA Inland Enforcement Officer.

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