Detection tools
Large Scale Imaging Technology

Large Scale Imaging technology is a non-intrusive inspection tool that can be used to quickly and effectively verify the presence of legitimate goods and to investigate suspicious or unknown materials. Using LSI technology, our officers can reduce border wait times and costs associated to examinations, and minimize health and safety risks.

Program overview

The objective of the LSI program is to provide the Agency with large scale imaging technology, training and support to aid officers in the examination and facilitation of large scale goods entering Canada. LSI is faster, uses fewer resources and is able to examine large sized targets without unnecessarily opening and disturbing the contents or machinery, unlike traditional manual unloading (for instance, de-stuff).

In order to provide border services officers with the detection technology to aid in their duties, many different areas of the CBSA work together to provide support and training to the field. Each unit plays a specific role, ranging from research into technology to training and delivery.

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