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Goods that do not need an export declaration

If goods are exempt from being reported by the exporter and are being transported by a carrier with a memorandum of understanding with the CBSA for exports, the exporter may indicate to the carrier that no declaration is required (NDR).

The following NDR codes may be provided by the exporter to the carrier to indicate the reason an export declaration is not required.


Restricted goods exported for consumption in the United States do not require an export declaration; however, the appropriate permit, certificate or licence, must be presented.

The following list should be read in conjunction with Memorandum D20-1-1, Exporter reporting which provides more information on when these NDRs apply.

Non-restricted goods exported for consumption in the United States excluding trains (railcars and locomotives).
Non-restricted commercial goods having a value of less than CAN $2,000.
Non-restricted personal and household effects, other than those of an emigrant, that are not for resale or commercial use (exception: permanently exported conveyances)
Non-restricted goods exported from Canada on a temporary basis by using the A.T.A. Carnet; A.T.A. Carnet numbers are required as part of the NDR.
Non-restricted goods that were temporarily imported and documented on a Form E29B, Temporary Admission Permit or an A.T.A. Carnet and are subsequently exported; E29B numbers or A.T.A. Carnet numbers are required as part of the NDR.
Non-restricted cargo containers, skids, drums, pallets, straps and similar reusable goods used by a carrier in the international commercial transportation of goods.
Non-restricted goods exported by a diplomatic embassy or mission personnel for their personal or official use (exception: permanently exported conveyances).
Personal gifts and donations of non-restricted goods (exception: permanently exported conveyances and commercial goods).
Arms, military stores, munitions of war and other goods, which are the property of and remain the property of a designated foreign country, that were temporarily imported by a visiting force.
Non-restricted goods exported for repair or warranty repair regardless of value that will be returned to Canada.
Non-restricted goods temporarily imported for warranty repairs; non-restricted goods temporarily imported for additions, repairs not covered by warranty, or processing, and the value of the additions, repairs or processing is less than CAN $2,000.
Non-restricted goods for use as ship's stores by a Canadian carrier.
Non-restricted goods manufactured or produced outside Canada and removed for export from a bonded warehouse or sufferance warehouse.
Non-restricted goods, other than goods exported for further processing, that will be returned to Canada within 12 months after the date of exportation.
Non-restricted goods exported because of an emergency or goods exported by the Department of National Defence (DND) and reported orally according to section 15 of the Reporting of Exported Goods Regulations.
Other (this includes non-restricted goods used for unique situations).
For this category, the reason for the NDR must be pre-authorized by the CBSA.

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