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Notice of initiation of expiry review investigation: Hot-rolled Steel Plate 3 (PLA3 2023 ER)


On , the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT), pursuant to subsection 76.03(1) of the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA), initiated an expiry review of its order made on , in Expiry review No. RR-2017-004, concerning the dumping of certain hot-rolled carbon steel plate and high-strength low alloy plate originating in or exported from China.

As a result of the CITT's expiry review, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) today initiated an expiry review investigation to determine, pursuant to paragraph 76.03(7)(a) of SIMA, whether the expiry of the order is likely to result in the continuation or resumption of dumping of the subject goods. The CBSA will make a determination no later than , and will issue a Statement of Reasons by .

The subject goods are hot-rolled carbon steel plate and high-strength low-alloy plate not further manufactured than hot-rolled, heat-treated or not, in cut lengths, in widths from 24 inches (+/- 610 mm) to 152 inches (+/- 3,860 mm) inclusive, and thicknesses from 0.187 inches (+/ 4.75 mm) to 4 inches (+/- 101.6 mm) inclusive, but excluding plate for use in the manufacture of pipe and tube (also known as skelp); plate in coil form; plate having a rolled, raised figure at regular intervals on the surface (also known as floor plate); and plate produced to ASTM specifications A515 and A516M/A516, grade 70 (also known a pressure vessel quality plate) in thicknesses greater than 3.125 inches (+/- 79.3 mm), originating in or exported from the People's Republic of China.

Prior to , the subject goods were usually classified under the following tariff classification numbers:

Beginning , under the revised customs tariff schedule, the subject goods are normally classified under the following tariff classification numbers:


This listing of tariff classification numbers is for convenience of reference only. Refer to the product definition for authoritative details regarding the subject goods.

As part of its expiry review investigation, the CBSA forwarded questionnaires to Canadian producers, importers, exporters and to the Government of China. Any Canadian producers, importers or exporters who have not received a letter from the CBSA who wish to provide a response to the questionnaire are advised to contact the officer identified below. Responses to all questionnaires are due at the CBSA SIMA Registry and Disclosure Unit's email address by .

A detailed schedule for the expiry review investigation is now available.

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