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People of the CBSA: Jackie Tse's story

People of the CBSA: Jackie Tse's story


Jackie Tse, superintendent at Metro Vancouver Traveller Operations, British Columbia

Videos of Jackie's role.

Hi, I'm Jackie Tse. I'm a superintendent in Metro Vancouver Traveller Operations. This is where I work in Vancouver, and I'm really happy to be a part of the CBSA.

A day in the life in the Metro Traveller operations—every day is really different. We go from processing travelers and goods at the seaplane terminal. In between those flights, our whole team goes to the Amtrak Pacific Central Station and process passenger trains. The train will range between 150 to 300 passengers. Cruise ship operation is really busy because a cruise ship holds about 3000 to 5000 people, and there are sometimes 3 to 4 ships that come all at once, so we have a short window processing time. So, we're really busy and every day is different—we go from air mode to a marine mode, or we go by cars to different marina sites—and we deal with travelers from all over the world.

So, I was born in Hong Kong and I lived there until I was seven years old, and I immigrated here with my family. I do vividly remember the day when our family landed at Vancouver International Airport to become permanent residents of Canada. When I went to school, I studied criminology at Simon Fraser University. Canada Border Services Agency is the only co-op program that allows university students to partake in front-line law enforcement type of jobs. And then I did, actually, five terms of co-op, and eventually I applied to be an indeterminate officer and never left CBSA—So my co-op placement kind of took the last 15 years.

Working here in Vancouver, it's something exceptional and it really brings officers and keeps them here because it's a beautiful city. It's very dynamic, It's very busy. This is the place that people come to visit, to take pictures, and we come here to work every day. So, it really makes me look forward to coming to work, and I'm proud of what I do.

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