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People of the CBSA: Patti Adams's story

People of the CBSA: Patti Adams's story


Patti Adams, Hearings Advisor (Prairie Region)

Images of Patti working in an office. Images of the Emerson, MB port of entry.

My name is Patti Adams. Right now I am working with the Refugee Influx Processing Centre, so what we are doing is processing all of the irregular arrivals – the refugee claimants – that come across by Emerson. We’ve got to do the interviews with them. We’ve got to determine whether they are eligible or ineligible to be referred to the Refugee Board.

Images of Patti’s grandfather as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer.

I lost my grandfather when I was quite young, but he immigrated from Birmingham, England in 1919. He got here in 1920. He was in the RCMP for almost 35 years. It was his strength of character. He believed in law enforcement. He believed in the justice system, and it kind of just stuck with me.

Images of Patti receiving an award from her supervisor.

I’ve been here, I’m in my 29th year. I find that women are just as successful if not more successful lately in the CBSA than what they have been in the past. I think the CBSA gives women that chance for growth.

Images of Patti’s role with the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets.

Right now my biggest involvement in the community is working with the Sea Cadets. To me, it’s all about the youth, giving them the opportunities to grow, and I love the Navy League program for that.

Every aspect of the CBSA has something to contribute towards the security of Canada, no matter what job you’re doing, so I don’t think anyone should ever think that just because you are working at a desk job and you’re just processing paperwork for people that it’s not important. Every job with the CBSA is important.

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