2019 Future Women in Law Enforcement workshop

Highlights and testimonials from the 2019 Future Women in Law Enforcement (FWILE) workshop in Calgary, Alberta, featuring the Canada Border Services Agency, the Calgary Police Service, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


Images of the 2019 Future Women in Law Enforcement workshop interactive stations, scenario exercises, and discussions.

Karri Mochnach, workshop participant

I came into this workshop thinking this would either spur me on to want to change careers and go into a career in policing, or kind of drop my dream, and I knew within the first hour that for sure this is a career change I’d like to take.

Aunveer Sooch, workshop participant

I’ve always wanted to be in law enforcement but I just needed that motivation and I just applied in hopes of finding that inspiration and motivation.

Emily Coelho, workshop participant

It’s one of those things where it’s not as intimidating as it may seem, and just being confident in your abilities is so important, and being able to ask questions.

Rénée Prusak-Blake, workshop participant

There’s so much wealth in knowledge in this room that anyone who’s interested or even kind of interested in this should grab it. It’s just a great opportunity.

Lisa Laurencelle-Peace, Director, Canada Border Services Agency

The energy that comes from the day that they participate in the interactive stations, seeing exactly what law enforcement does on a day-to-day basis, and giving them a glimpse into the daily life of law enforcement, I think that’s what’s most rewarding, that’s what’s most empowering for women.

Mackenzie Bolton, workshop participant

It’s been a really informative and inspiring weekend, and it’s been really good to see women aspiring and thriving in this career field that we all dream about.

Sarah Sandford, workshop participant

Just getting a feel for their own experiences, where they came from, how they decided to pick the career, it helps you relate to them and then that also makes you feel like you can do it as well.

Natalie Silver, workshop participant

Getting to attend as a participant was just incredible. I mean, I’m surrounded by women from all of the law enforcement agencies and just to see the incredible experiences that they have had and the wisdom that they’re able to impart on us, that was just an experience that I don’t think you would get anywhere else.

Bri Pickrell, workshop participant

Having the opportunity of kind of getting to know them on a more personable level, and not be so intimidated by them, and then also see everywhere you can go in this field of work and how they’re supported by other females and male co-workers.

Michelle Doyle, Staff Sergeant, Calgary Police Service

You get to experience what it’s like for police women in a career of law enforcement, and I think that is a really unique perspective to get when you’re looking to see what kind of career you want to go into.

Valerie Mora, workshop participant

You get to experience something completely different, not only in policing but you get to know different agencies and how the structure is through all of them, and then also on the first day you get to know the training, and what it takes to be [an officer], and then you get to see your weaknesses and then work on them from there on.

Sally Joubert, workshop participant

My favourite part was on the second day we did police and Canada Border Services scenarios, which would be ideal, real-life situations that you’d be thrown into in a career in law enforcement – finding indicators, setting up barriers, and really the investigation portion and all of the essentials that are needed for day-to-day public service work.

Aunveer Sooch, workshop participant

I would encourage other people to apply because it’s very inspiring and motivational, and all the ladies that are in law enforcement right now are very helpful, very kind.

Rénée Prusak-Blake, workshop participant

I’ve always wanted to be a police officer since I was a little girl, and as soon as I saw this, I actually went out on a break at work and quickly filled out all the forms. I was like, I’m getting into this, I’m applying right this second.

Natalie Silver, workshop participant

I could not speak higher of the workshop to anyone, and if you had any inclination towards law enforcement or anything like that – if you’re just interested, if you know it’s for you, or you’re just not sure – this experience is something that you will not get anywhere else, and it will give you such a good idea of what goes on in law enforcement and the women and men that are involved in it.

Kim Mueller, Sergeant, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

I’ve had quite a gamut of experiences, and I’ll tell you, I love this career. The only thing I regret is not starting sooner.

Emily Coelho, workshop participant

I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the edge and not sure if they want to apply for law enforcement. Come to this, and it will change your mind.

Lisa Laurencelle-Peace, Executive Lead, Canada Border Services Agency

For women it’s about knowing that they can do this, knowing that they are capable, they have the skills, they can build the experience, gain the knowledge to serve their community and serve their country.

Sarah Sandford, workshop participant

There’s a boatload of information given here, during the scenarios, just working with the networking and stuff like that. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, just sign up.

Bri Pickrell, workshop participant

I had a really good time and I’m glad I came.

For more information, visit: cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/job-emploi/fwile-ffdll-eng.html

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