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Travelling with traditional Indigenous medicines

Crossing the border with sacred Indigenous bundles and traditional medicines.



Border services officer Jonathan Thomas on screen. North American Indigenous Games 2023 logo on screen. Text on screen: North American Indigenous Games 2023, Halifax – Nova Scotia, You can bring traditional Indigenous medicines, Sage, cedar, sweetgrass, peyote and tobacco, Ceremonial tobacco over 200g may be subject to duties and taxes.

BSO Thomas: Pjila'si! (Welcome) I'm Jonathan Thomas, a CBSA detector dog handler from Sipekne'katik First Nations.

Are you travelling to the North American Indigenous Games in Nova Scotia?

Did you know you can bring traditional medicines when you visit Canada? Items such as sage, cedar, sweetgrass, peyote and tobacco are recognized as sacred items and can be brought across the border.

CBSA officers are trained in dealing with sacred Indigenous bundles. When in doubt, ask a border services officer, or visit our website for more information.

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