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Seizures highlights for the month of July

An overview of seizures for the month of .



Canada Map on screen. Music playing.

Text on screen: Canada Border Services Agency July Seizures Highlights, Lansdowne, Ontario, - 49.5 methamphetamine pills - 15.7 g THC gummies - A straw with cocaine residue, Queenston Lewiston Bridge, Ontario, CAN$135,533 (Suspected proceeds of crime), Blue Water Bridge, Ontario, 601 bottles of alcohol, Peace Bridge, Ontario, - Semi-automatic rifle - Over-capacity magazine, Woodstock Road, New Brunswick, 22.5 litres of wine and liquor, Edmonton International Airport, Alberta, 11.3 kg suspected cannabis, Emerson, Manitoba, 63 kg suspected cocaine, St. Stephen 3rd Bridge, New Brunswick, - 63 g cannabis - 17 cannabis edibles - 3 bottles of pepper spray - US$11,968, Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, 6672 cigars (295 kg of tobacco), Abbotsford-Huntingdon, British Columbia, - Prohibited compact semi-automatic pistol - 14 g methamphetamine - 54 g of cannabis.

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