Trade Chain Partner Working Group

The Trade Chain Partner (TCP) Working Group was established in . It is a key consultative body on the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) project.


The mandate of the CARM TCP Working Group is to provide ongoing input, recommendations and feedback on the CARM design and implementation.

Responsibilities and duties

Chaired by the Vice-President, CARM Branch, the TCP working group provides input on the current state of the trade community and its key challenges. It also ensures appropriate consultations are conducted, and raises awareness of CARM among the trade community.


The core TCP Working Group represents the full spectrum of the trade community. It includes importers, brokers, and service providers who help their clients submit data through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Four sub-working groups focus on issues that impact specific sectors of the trade chain community:


Chair: Vice-President, CARM

CBSA is represented by:

Businesses represented in the core working group include:

We are not currently adding members to our TCP WG, however if you would like to participate in CARM sub working group activities, contact the project at CARM Engagement (

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