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Appendix C: Summary report upload—
Chapter 25: Canadian Export Reporting System Portal

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The following data elements in the prescribed excel template are required for summary report upload:

List of data elements required for summary report upload
List of data elements required for summary report upload
Long description

List of data elements required for summary report upload:

  • 1. Canadian place of exit
  • 2. Country of final destination
  • 3. Export HS code
  • 4. Description of goods
  • 5. Quantity
  • 6. Quantity unit of measure
  • 7. Domestic freight charges
  • 8. Value F.O.B.
  • 9. Currency of declared value
  • 10. Country of origin
  • 11. Province of origin
  • 12. Commodity gross weight
  • 13. Gross weight unit of measure
  • 14. Mode of transport
  • 15. Vessel name
  • 16. Related party indicator (Yes/No)
  • 17. Permit number(s)
  • 18. Containerized goods indicators (Yes/No)

Once completed, this Excel document will need to be saved as a “.xml” document prior to upload.

Summary report: Upload procedure

  1. Obtain a copy of the CBSA summary report line template file (summary report line template: WIP.xlsx)
  2. Open the template file within Microsoft Excel
  3. Assign the template file or one more commodity line entries
  4. Within Excel, select program menu option File > Save as
  5. Within the Save as dialog window:
    • change the Save as type dropdown menu to setting XML Data (*.xml)
    • enter a file name for the new xml file
    • specify the location where the new xml file is to be saved
    • click on the Save button to continue
  6. Within the CERS Portal, access the export documents section then create or amend a summary report.
    • Access the Commodity tab
    • Locate the Upload summary report section then click on the Browse button
    • Within the Choose file to upload dialog window, select the new xml file (created during Step 5) then click on the Open button
    • Within the Upload summary report section, click on the Submit button to continue

Outcome: CERS Portal will read the contents of the xml file and attempt to transfer any commodity line item entries to the summary report’s commodity table. If an error is encountered during the upload operation, the CERS Portal will create an error report that the user can download or print.

Please refer to Appendix B for validation rules and description of data elements.

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