Decommissioning of legacy release service options OGD PARS 463 and OGD RMD 471
Customs Notice 19-21


1. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CBSA will be postponing the decommissioning of the legacy OGD release service options until a date later to be determined. Clients may continue using the SWI IID or the legacy service options (OGD-PARS, OGD-RMD) to obtain release of OGD regulated goods.

2. Clients that have on-boarded to the SWI IID (SO911) but continue to use the legacy OGD release service options (SO463 and SO471) may experience delays in the processing of their shipment. As such, clients that have completed the on-boarding process are encouraged to utilize the SWI IID (SO911) for all OGD release requests.

3. For information about the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) registration/certification process contact the CBSA’s Technical Commercial Client Unit (TCCU) by e-mail or alternatively reach out to your service provider to discuss the testing process and how to become involved. For information about the Single Window Initiative (SWI), contact the SWI Generic Mailbox at or visit CBSA’s SWI webpage.

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