BSF266 – Penalty Reinvestment Agreement (PRA) Application Form

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Protected B (when completed)

Part 1 - Applicant Identification

Part 2 - Identification of Penalties

List the Penalty Assessment Number of each Notice of Penalty Assessment (NPA) that you believe was/were issued as a result of the systematic problem in your internal commercial information system (CIS). It is your responsibility to advise the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) of any subsequent NPA(s) that you wish to add to your application.

Part 3 – Identification of CIS Problem

  1. Describe in detail the nature of the systematic problem(s) and how it/they resulted in the non-compliance and in the issuance of the NPA(s).
  2. Include supporting documentation.

Part 4 – Required Corrective Measures

Part 5 – Breakdown/Estimate of Costs for Implementing the Corrective Measure(s)

  1. Provide details of the projected investment(s) required to correct the systematic problem(s) in your CIS.
  2. Substantiate all cost estimates with supporting documentation (costs cannot be funded through government assistance).
  3. Indicate the type of eligible cost (from the list below) for each expense.

Note: During the review of your application, the CBSA may request, at any time, that you obtain a third party attestation to demonstrate that the costs for implementing the corrective measures were expended to eliminate the non-compliance that resulted in the issuance of penalties. The focus of the third party attestation may be on any aspect of the PRA application, including the effectiveness of the corrective measures and the eligibility of investments and their associated costs.

Part 6 – Certification

Privacy Statement

The information you provide on this form, including supporting documentation, is collected under the Customs Act and is protected under the Privacy Act. The information will be used to make a determination of your application. The information will be retained in Personal Information Bank CBSA PPU 005 and is registered with Treasury Board Secretariat number 000011. For instructions on obtaining information consult InfoSource (or the InfoSource publication) which is available at public libraries, Government public reading rooms, and on the Internet at

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