Blanket B2 Authorization Application

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For complete instructions on how to complete the Blanket B2 Authorization Application, please refer to:
D-memorandum 17-2-4, Preparation and Presentation of Blanket B2 Adjustment Requests.

Note that the filing of a Blanket B2 Authorization Application does not constitute filing an adjustment request pursuant to Section 32.2 or 74 of the Customs Act. It in no way removes or extends the time limits to file a required adjustment pursuant to Section 32.2 Customs Act, nor does it extend the one year (pursuant to Section 74(1)(c.1) ) or four year limits to file a refund request pursuant to Section 74 of the Customs Act.

For Internal Use Only


WHEREAS the Applicant seeks authorization after having "Reason to Believe" or having specific information/knowledge that a declaration of goods made under the Customs Act or other regulated legislation administered by the CBSA is incorrect


WHEREAS corrective measures are required to be undertaken by the Importer/Client in order to fully comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements;


1. To take corrective measures in order to fully comply with all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements;

2. Once authorization is granted, to submit B2 Adjustment Request(s) in accordance with the instructions provided in D17-2-4;

3. All transactions for which corrections are being requested must be duty paid;

4. All entries will reflect any adjustments previously processed, including any duties refunded through drawback. Any duties assessed will have been paid;

5. No entries are included where previous decisions have been issued for the same issue as the current blanket claim;

6. No adjustments are outstanding against any of the subject entries lines;

7. This Agreement is not binding on future blanket B2 authorizations issued by the CBSA under the Customs Act, as amended, or any other regulated legislation administered by the CBSA; and,

8. This Authorization may be denied or cancelled by the CBSA if any or all of the requirements of this agreement and the authorization letter are not upheld.

I certify that the information provided on this form and in any attached document is true and complete.

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