BSF383: Contracted Security Guard Incident and Use of Force Report

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It is the Policy of the CBSA to collect information under Section 7 of the Financial Administration Act, for the purpose of enforcing the act. This will provide the CBSA with information on the types and frequency of these incidents. It will also enable the CBSA to make important decisions regarding the safety and security of contracted security guards and ongoing training needs.The information collected on this form is protected and may be disclosed to internal or external bodies as consistent use, or pursuant to other provisions listed under section 8(2) of the Privacy Act. The information collected is described within Information about programsand Information holdings under the Personal Information Bank CBSA PSU 939. Should you have concerns about the CBSA's handling of your personal information, you have a right to file a complaint with the Privacy Comissionier of Canada. Further explanations about the information contained in the Bank may be found in the Info Source guide located in public libraries, or online at

Part A: Administrative information

Part B: Personel involved

Part C: Client(s) involved

Part D: Detailed report of incident

Reports are to be written independently and without consultation of other persons involved in the event. Reports will describe the incident in chronological order with as much detail and accuracy in order to fully describe the event that occurred.

Person injured

Part E: Consent

I consent and understand that the information presented in this form may be the precursor to an investigation, and as such, this information may be shared with specific internal groups based on the "need to know" principal. Further information pertaining to this incident may be requested.

Part F: Guard supervisor confirmation

To be completed by contracted guard supervisor.

Part G: CBSA follow up / management

Instruction for completion of the report

Following an incident or use of force action, each contracted security guard involved must complete a BSF383.

Part A - E (inclusive)

To be completed by the contracted security guard reporting the incident. PART B- Details from all parties involved, as well as from those who have witnessed the incident, must be included (i.e. CBSA officers, other CBSA employees, other contracted staff members). Part C~ Assistance from a supervisor may be required to complete this section.

Part F

The contracted guard supervisor will review the completed BSF383 form in order to ensure all required fields have been completed and that the written report section contains a concise and complete depiction of the events and actions taken by the writer. Once this confirmation has occurred, the contracted guard supervisor will check off the confirmation box and will submit the form to CBSA Management for follow-up.


  1. Contracted security guards will be required to notify CBSA of the incident or use of force immediately. This can be done either in writing or verbally as soon as practical using the following criteria listed:
    • a. Status, description, and location of the subject(s) and witness(es) involved;
    • b. Injuries which require medical attention;
    • c. Other potential dangers;
    • d. Scene parameters (where does it start and end);
    • e. Nature of the event;
    • f. Behaviour of the subject(s) involved; and
    • g. Identification of intervention tools used.
  2. Contracted security guards will be required to complete this form, Sections A to E (inclusive) as soon as possible following the incident and no later than 24 hours after the incident commenced. Use of force incidents can be categorized as non-critical, critical or serious injury.

    Non-critical incident - a use of force incident that does not result in the serious injury or death of a person.

    Critical incident - an incident where there is a serious injury or death of an individual as a result of, or in relation to, a use of force incident.

    Serious Injury - Any injury that results in an individual requiring treatment at a hospital, suffering from a fractured limb, rib, vertebra, or skull, a gunshot wound, burns to a major portion of the body, losing any body part; or suffering a loss of consciousness, vision or hearing.

  3. If a CBSA employee was involved, a BSF152 must be completed by the CBSA employee.
  4. BSF383, and when applicable BSF152, must be transmitted to Regional Security (see contact information below) and the Security Incident Reports generic mailbox: within 24 hours of an incident or injury, with a CC to HQ security: and the generic inbox.



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