E400C – Application for a Licence to Operate a Customs Sufferance Warehouse

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Security information

I/We hereby certify that all information provided with this application is true and should I/we be granted a licence to operate a customs sufferance warehouse, I/we will conform with all the provisions of the customs and excise laws and regulations, requirements and procedures for the operation for a customs sufferance warehouse.

Do not use this area

Note: This does not constitute a valid licence.


Field 1 Indicate with a checkmark if the application is for an original licence.

Field 2 Indicate amendments by referring to field numbers.

Field 3 The legally registered name of the company as shown on the security posted and, in the case of limited companies, as shown on the corporate seal.

Field 4 The Business Number (BN) is a unique 9-digit number and the standard identifier for businesses, provided by the CRA. A BN can be obtained here.

Fields 5 and 6 The full mailing address of the corporate head office including the postal or zip code. This address will be used for all correspondence concerning the application, and, after authorization is granted, all correspondence concerning the operations of the company.

Field 7 and 8 Provide the name, title, and telephone number of the person(s) who should be contacted in regards to the general operations of the company. If the address(es) differs from the head office address, provide the address(es). Use an additional page if necessary.

Security information

Field 9 Indicate with a checkmark if a surety bond from a guarantee company or financial institution is posted as security.

Field 10 Indicate with a checkmark if Government of Canada bonds are posted as security. Where an applicant has chosen to submit Government of Canada bonds, Form Y76 is to be completed and submitted with the bonds and this application. Form Y76 may be obtained from any customs office.

Field 11 Indicate with a checkmark if security other than a surety or Government of Canada bond is posted. Identify the type of security being posted, i.e., cash or certified cheque.

Field 12 When surety bonds are posted as security, provide the full, legally registered name of the guarantee company or financial institution which issued the bond. Where applicable, provide the head office address of the guarantee company or financial institution. If not known, leave blank.

Field 13 Where applicable, indicate the bond number of the surety bond.

Field 14 Provide the amount of security.

Fields 15 and 16 The full mailing address of the warehouse including the postal code.

Field 17 Indicate the name of the company operating the warehouse, if different from field 4.

Field 18 Place a checkmark in the appropriate box.

Field 19 Metres/kilometres or yards/miles.

Field 20 Provide name of lessor, if applicable.

Field 21 Indicate type of goods, i.e., general merchandise, vaping products, tobacco products, spirits, firearms, weapons, ammunition, or prohibited devices, specific class of goods (CSA-LTL, household goods and personal effects, bulk and liquid products, etc.).

Field 22 Indicate type of cargo control document the goods will move on to warehouse, i.e., air waybill, rail billing, highway or marine bill, freight forwarders' house bills.

Field 23 Indicate point(s) of entry into Canada.

Fields 24 and 25 Indicate applicable mode, i. e., air, rail, highway or marine.

Field 26 Indicate number of bays.

Field 27 Place a checkmark in the appropriate box(es).

The completed application in triplicate and supporting documentation must be submitted to the customs office having jurisdiction over the area where the warehouse is located.

Site and building proposals


Supply detailed plans drawn to scale showing an overview of the area and the location of:


Supply detailed plans of the building drawn to scale indicating the location of:

Note: Indicate if site and building are existing or planned.

Shipment volumes

In order to assess the viability of the proposed warehouse, the CBSA requires projected volume figures for the number of shipments to be received in the warehouse over the first three years of operation as well as (if applicable) figures for the number of shipments handled by the applicant over the past three years.

Applicants must also provide a narrative evaluation indicating how he/she intends to capture and/or retain the projected volumes provided.

In addition, projected volumes indicated should be substantiated by corroborating data such as surveys and letters of intent from either current or potential clients.

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