Ordering forms

The CBSA is offering all its forms in a print-ready format (PDF) so you can print a copy for yourself. Please note that the form E311, CBSA Declaration Card available for viewing on the CBSA website is a specimen only and may not be used for reporting to the CBSA. The transporter will provide travellers with a paper version of the card prior to arrival in Canada.

Please note that we no longer accept old versions of the Traveller Declaration Card E311(16). The new card contains an additional question in the Other Government Departments section on importation of cannabis. The new number and version of the Declaration Card is E311(18). The form number of the new card is marked on the lower left corner of the document.

Please note that due to the introduction of Primary Inspection Kiosks at Canadian airports in , your E311 CBSA Declaration Cards consumption may be affected.

The new version of the cards will continue to be used for international arrivals at all airports where Primary Inspection Kiosks have not been installed.

Additional Help

For questions about this ordering process, or for any additional information, please email us.

For forms: forms-formulaires@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

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