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Service standards

From: Canada Border Services Agency

The CBSA is committed to building a culture of service excellence. To deliver a high level of response to the needs of the public and trade community, we have established standards across our traveller and commercial sectors.

Service standards

CBSA updates the service standards each fiscal year:

Processing times

The CBSA also offers information on processing times to help you estimate how long it will take the agency to respond to your request.


Our aim is to provide knowledgeable, accessible and fair service that is timely, professional and courteous. We aim to continuously enhance our commitment to clients by developing, monitoring, reporting, and improving on these service standards.

The CBSA endeavours to meet its service standards under normal day-to-day operational conditions. The standards may vary depending upon the type of service being provided, or because of an identified border security concern or an unforeseen and unusual border pressure. Other service delivery conditions, such as weekend and holiday hours, are stated with each service standard.

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