FISC 2020 SP
Certain Fabricated Industrial Steel Components
Scope Proceeding Schedule

Certain fabricated industrial steel components China, Korea and Spain

CBSA’s Scope Proceeding Schedule
January 17, 2020 Initiation of the Scope Proceeding
February 7, 2020 Producer and Importer responses to CBSA’s Request for Information due
February 14, 2020 Exporter responses to CBSA’s Request for Information due
March 20, 2020 Extension of Scope Proceeding

June 10, 2020, at noon

Closing of the Record date

July 6, 2020

Statement of Essential Facts (SEF) issued

July 13, 2020, by noon

Comments on SEF due from all interested persons

July 20, 2020, by noon

Responses due from all interested persons in respect of Comments on SEF

August 14, 2020

Conclusion, Ruling Letters Available, Statement of Reasons issued
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