Transportation Company Obligations

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If you transport passengers to Canada, you should be aware of your legal obligations. As a transporter, you must ensure that your passengers are properly documented for travel to Canada when they are presented for examination at any Canadian port of entry. You should verify each passenger's identity and citizenship and determine if your passengers require a passport and a visa to enter Canada. This includes adults, minors and even infants. These obligations apply to all modes of transportation including the following:

If you bring an improperly documented foreign national to Canada, you may have to pay an administration fee of $3,200. You may also be liable for the removal and medical costs of inadmissible passengers whom you transported to Canada. Infractions could result in the detention, seizure or forfeiture of your vehicle and/or lead to criminal prosecution.

For more information, refer to the Guide for Transporters. It provides tips on examining travel documents and information about your legal obligations under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and related regulations.

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