There are a number of reasons you can be found inadmissible, denied a visa or refused entry to Canada such as:

Visit the Determine your eligibility page for more information.

Penalties for driving while impaired

If you drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs, including cannabis, you may be inadmissible for serious criminality. This means:

Find out more about the new penalties for impaired driving and cannabis-related crimes.

Overcome criminal convictions

Depending on the crime, how long ago it was committed, and how you have behaved since the conviction, you may still be allowed to come to Canada if you:

Visit the Overcome criminal convictions page for more information.

Ministerial relief

If you have been found inadmissible to Canada on grounds of security, certain provisions relating to human or international rights violations, or organized criminality, you may request that the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (the Minister) make a declaration of relief under subsection 42.1(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) if the Minister is satisfied that doing so is not contrary to the national interest. This process is commonly referred to as Ministerial relief.

You may apply for Ministerial relief using BSF766. Refer to the Guide to Applying for a Declaration of Relief Under Subsection 42.1(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

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