Access to Information and Privacy
How to make a request under the Privacy Act

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The CBSA ATIP office is now back to full capacity and has successfully retrieved 4,000 ATIP requests that were accidentally lost during server maintenance by Shared Services Canada (SSC) on . SSC continues its efforts to retrieve all of the information.

Read the news release for more information. You can continue to submit ATIP requests through the online portal.

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Requests for personal information pertaining to the requester and held by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) should be made to the CBSA under the Privacy Act. Under this Act, the right of access to personal information has been extended to include all individuals living in and outside of Canada.

Submit an Online Request

Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Online Request

Submit a Written Request

Formal written requests under the Privacy Act must:

Written requests may be submitted using the Personal Information Request form (TBS/SCT 350-58 ), or in a letter indicating that the request is made in accordance with the Privacy Act. There are no fees involved with the processing of a request under the Privacy Act.

Requests must include sufficient detail to enable an experienced employee of the CBSA, with a reasonable effort, to identify the records that are being requested. Examples include, but are not limited to, time periods, file numbers, client identifiers, file names, report titles, locations (office, port of entry or region/branch), names of individuals, dates of birth (if requesting traveller history or immigration files).

Requests for personal information that is not the requester's must be made under the Access to Information Act. Please refer to the section How to make a request under the Access to Information Act.

Requests made pursuant to the Privacy Act must be addressed as follows and sent by mail or fax (343-291-7012):

Canada Border Services Agency
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
333 North River Road
14th Floor, Tower A
Vanier, Ontario
K1A 0L8

In addition, inquiries concerning the Privacy request process at the CBSA may be e-mailed to Please note that any inquiries related to the processing of a specific request should be directed to the officer handling your request, and should reference the request number assigned to it by our office in your correspondence.

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