Importing commercial goods into Canada - 4. Shipping and reporting your goods

May 13, 2024: Change to import-export program (RM) administration

The Canada Revenue Agency continues to issue the required business number (BN9). The CBSA has taken over RM account-related services. Until October 2024:

  1. to register for a new import-export program account (RM), complete form BSF947: Request for a CBSA Import/Export Program Account
  2. to submit a maintenance request for existing RM accounts, complete form BSF948: Request for Change(s) to Existing CBSA Import/Export Program Account

4. Shipping and reporting your goods

Place your order and select a method of shipping

Place your order with the vendor, shipper or exporter and identify the mode of shipping that will be used (highway, marine, rail, air, postal or courier service).

Determine the desired or expected CBSA office where your goods will be released. Most shipments are released at the CBSA office where they arrive in Canada; however, if you use a CBSA bonded carrier, you may choose another inland service point that is closer to you.

Report your goods

All commercial goods must be reported to the CBSA whether you transport it yourself or have a carrier transport it for you. If you are transporting the goods yourself please refer to Memorandum D17-1-4, Release of Commercial Goods, for information on the Hand Carried Goods Release Process.

A carrier uses a bar-coded Cargo Control Document (CCD) or the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system to report to the CBSA. Also refer to Commercial reporting requirements.

Shipments valued at more than CAN$3,300

Shipments valued at CAN$3,300 or less

For information on importing through the postal system or by courier please refer to the postal and courier programs.

Your shipment may be examined by government officials to monitor compliance with CBSA requirements or other government department regulations. This is done without charge; however, if there is a need to hire a transport company to move or handle your goods, you may receive an invoice from that company for their services.

Non-compliance with CBSA requirements may result in being assessed a monetary penalty under the Administrative Monetary Penalty System.

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