A8B – United States – Canada Transit Manifest

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Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Canada Border Services Agency

Prepare in quadruplicate

I certify that I have received from customs at the port of arrival all goods described in the waybills listed in this manifest, which will be transported under bond and delivered to customs at the ports of exit and re-entry; that this manifest and related waybills contain a true account of all the goods on board the vehicle; that any discrepancy, error, or omission in this account, or any irregularity in the transit movement of this shipment will be immediately reported to customs.

Signature of operator or agent of carrier

  1. To be entered by Customs Officer at port of entry.
  2. Value to be shown only for goods transiting the United States; If estimated, so state.

Report of irregularity

Show the number of the freight waybill under which the shipment was made; condition of seals; condition of vehicle; condition and marks and numbers of particular containers in which shortage occurred, or marks and numbers of missing pakages; when and by whom the shortage or other irregularity was noted; any other information about the circumstances surrounding the irregularity which may assist the port of arrival to determine the carrier's liability.

This form may be printed by private parties provided that the supply printed conforms to this official form in size, wording, arrangement, and quality and colour of paper. For sale by collectors of customs.

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