B226 – Request for Re-Determination of the Origin of Goods Imported From the Territory of a Trading Partner

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The applicant is:

Canadian importers must use Form B2

Name and address of the producer or exporter, and the agent submitting the request (if applicable)

Brief description of the goods

List the transaction, line, and adjustment numbers for all imports for which you are requesting a re-determination (you can only include identical goods or goods from a single product line on one application). For each import, list the section of the Customs Act under which you are requesting the re-determination (60). If you have a TRS or Advance Ruling number, please list it. List the region in which the goods were imported. Use additional pages if required.

You must attach a letter that provides information to support your claim for a preferential tariff treatment.

Is the issue contained in this request the subject of any review, audit, or appeal in the country or territory of any trading partner? (Yes/No) If "yes", provide details.

Have you or the applicant previously requested advice or a ruling on this issue (other than any decision being appealed on this application) from Canada Border Services Agency or from the customs administration of the territory of another trading partner? ? (Yes/No)  If "yes", provide details.


I, (Print name and title) of (Exporter, producer or agent) certify that the information given on this form and any attachments is true, accurate, and complete. If I am the applicant's agent, I am authorized to transact business as the applicant's agent.

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