BSF153 - Traveller's API/PNR Information Request and Pre-departure Air Exit

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Protected B when completed

Once completed, this form is protected pursuant to the Privacy Act. The information you provide on this form, including supporting documentation and biometric data, is collected under the authority of the Customs Act and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The information will be used to make a determination and record of your access for his or her own personal information stored in the Passenger Information System (PAXIS). For instructions on obtaining information consult the InfoSource publication which is available at public libraries, Government public reading rooms, and on the Internet at

Language of correspondence (English/French)

Section A - Personal Information identifying the traveller

Mailing address

Section B - Travel documentation information

Please indicate the travel/identification document that was used for your flight to Canada for which you are requesting access to the API/PNR information.

Section C – Arrival in Canada – Inbound Flight information

Section D – Departure from Canada – Outbound Flight

Section E - Declaration of applicant

I declare that the statements made in this application are true. Language of correspondence will be English or French as indicated above.


Accessing the API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit data provided to the CBSA by your airline

To ensure transparency in the administration of the API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit program, a traveller to or from Canada can request access to his or her own API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit information as it was provided to the CBSA by airlines under the requirements of Canada's API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit program. Travellers can also request that a notation be made in the CBSA's record in respect of any errors in the API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit information. Disclosure of the API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit data under this administrative access program is subject to provisions of Canadian law.

Please note that all passenger data is received by the CBSA in English only.

Who can request this information?

Only those persons who travelled to or from Canada by commercial airline can request access to their own API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit information. The API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit program does not currently apply to other modes of travel such as marine and rail. A parent or legal guardian must sign the access request form if the traveller is under the age of 18.

The CBSA will not charge a fee to process a request for access to API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit information. The CBSA will respond to the requestor by mail.

For additional arrival in or departures from Canada flights, please attach a document containing the required information.

Requesting a correction to your information

If you believe that your API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit data is incorrect, you can request that the information be corrected. You will need documentation to support your request. In some cases, the CBSA may decline to make the correction. If this happens, a notation will be attached to the API/PNR and Pre-departure Air Exit data explaining that a correction was requested and refused.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your request, you can submit a complaint as follows:

Mail your request form to the following address:

Canada Border Services Agency
Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator
333 North River Road
14th Floor, Tower A
Vanier, Ontario

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